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When sauvage simply came out my GF texted me an image from a journal test strip saying OH MY GOD please get this is smells amazing! I smelled it and I hated it, I laughed at her for liking a fragrance like this. Fast ahead 6 months and I smell a fragrance on someone at work an I was blown away, it was probably the greatest scents I've ever smelled. Turns out is was sauvage, I mentioned I must re-smell this. I re-smelled it and fell in love, bought a bottle immediately and it has turn into my signature scent.
It simply makes no sense to me in any respect. I wonder why all the hate for this Dior perfume. It smells just fine and with Dior, it normally lasts for quite some time on pores and skin as a result of they use more oils for his or her scents. I love this scent and I will purchase a big bottle later even if it breaks the bank. It's round 100+ usd here for the 100ml.
This is certainly one of my all time favourite male fragrances, Dior got it so right. It's not too sturdy and yet the notes are simply perfect. I love that is smells different on folks and will nearly actually be a unisex fragrance. It smells so manly on a man yet still divine on a female. when i first smell this fragrance, it was like a glue.
I would not go as far as to say that it is repellent, but there is something about the best way the ambergris sits in this perfume that simply rubs me the incorrect means. And I have to be honest, I am not a huge fan of that notice anyway, but right here it is far too outstanding, to the purpose of almost dominating the entire affair. Contrast this with the heavy, but quite stunning vibe of Eau Sauvage Parfum. That's not to say it smells appalling, as a result of different can be lovely and typically wonderful scents do lack mass attraction. But in the end what it comes down to is whether or not this truly smells good or not in spite of the brand name, the heritage and advertising hype.
the performance is okay and persons are sort of like it. i feel its appropriate that dior choose johny depp because the mannequin for his or her advertisement, he's the image of the rebellion and kind of cool unhealthy guy.
it was very unusual and never like specific another fragrance. but when i smell it once more two or thrice more, i feel that it was so intoxicated, it makes me so hooked on this fragrance. sauvage is crisp, recent,masculine,heavy, and unique. maybe this perfume has been mainstream for today however so many people nonetheless dig it to it.