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Our proof load testing set each mower into a simulated difficult cut scenario. for battery-powered mowers, this ramped up the rpms. the redback 120v self-propelled lawn mower (1077479) was unmatched.no mower, battery or gas, put up the blade tip speed that redback’s 120v model did under a heavy load. it’s the only mower we saw top 200 miles per hour!

With a battery-powered lawn mower, you shouldn't have to worry about running out of �juice� while on the job. let us help you choose the best one for your needs.we've compiled the best top-10 lists of the best-selling, top-rated and expert-recommended cordless electric mowers.the lists aren't identical, but they feature some of the same cordless mowers. usually, consumers gravitate toward our expert recommendations.

In the tables below you’ll find the top rated and best selling cordless lawn mowers. these are the battery powered cordless mowers. if you’re looking for a gas mower, have a look at this guide instead. we’ve included mower image, model name, deck width, battery voltage, the rating, and a link to customer reviews by previous mower purchasers.

Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower Value

​– while this may not seem like an important consideration, the corded types of lawn mowers that work with gas make noticeable noise in most cases.again, based on its battery-powered system, this is something you cannot experience with the model being discussed here.

A: just like regular gas-powered lawn mowers, electric models feature a motor that powers a set of rotating blades at the bottom.as you push the mower over your lawn, the grass is cut by the spinning blades and is usually collected in a basket behind the mower. the difference is that electric mowers are battery-powered. there is no engine running to work the motor.

The first decision to make when shopping for an electric lawn mower is whether to go with a corded unit or choose a battery-powered mower.a plug-in mower is generally less expensive but definitely less convenient because the power cord (even with extensions) limits how far you can mow.but if you’re drawing power from an outlet you won’t have to worry about a battery running out of juice half-way through the job, or mowing power decreasing as the battery level gets low. for many with small lawns or really thick grass, a corded model is the right choice– as long as they can avoid running over that pesky cord. for everyone else, cordless is the way to go.

If your budget allows and you want a battery-powered lawn mower that easily matches the capabilities of a gas-powered model, the yard force yf120vrx is our top pick. it's a beast of a mower that runs for almost 2 hours and powers through even the toughest patches of weeds and long grass. it's built to last with a high torque brushless motor that senses when additional power is needed and backs off when it's not, conserving battery power for longer run time. the wheels are propelled separately from the blades so you can drive it back to the shed when you're done mowing. and, believe it or not, it'll keep powering forward even with a 180 lb person standing on the cutting deck!

Why should you choose a battery-powered lawnmower over an electric mower with a cable? when mowing your lawn with an electric mower, the extension cable provides the power to the machine.as a result, you have a limit on the reach of your mower. if the extension doesn’t reach the corners of the garden, then you have a problem.

Value is much more than a list of prices from lowest to highest. to determine value we take into consideration the performance, features, design, warranty, and more.as the cream of the crop from our original tests, these battery-powered lawn mowers have pretty solid warranties across the board, ranging from 3 to 5 years.

There are several options of mowers online, but if you have decided on a battery-powered lawn mower, then your search can as well end with snapper xd 82v max electric cordless because of its excellent delivery on the lawn. this is a self-propelled option and it comes with the technology of variable speed. the 21-inch steel deck provides a suitable condition that makes mowing pretty easy. the power easily adjusts to meet the demands of the cutting blade. this model comes to life easily and will deliver a mowing experience that the operator will be proud of.

Best Riding: Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower

The ryobi 38-inch battery electric rear engine riding lawn mower is a quality piece of equipment that pairs durable construction with the benefits of electric power.the steel frame houses a generous 38-inch blade deck, and three high-torque brushless motors provide maximized cutting power. the battery can last 2 hours or 2 acres of mowing time on a single charge, so you can get plenty of work done, quickly.

10.  Sun Joe iON16LM Lawn Mower

Our next item on the list is another product is another prominent name in the industry.the ion16lm from sun joe is a superb mower, made especially for smaller lawns – the device’s small yet light deck, a solid motor and good battery make short work of anything below 1/4 acre. the mower is also quite affordable, making it a very good choice for anyone living in suburbia.

Sun joe ion16lm 40 v cordless lawn mower is a total revolution in the mower industry with a combination of the battery pack and electric plug. you have the complete freedom to use the battery power or electric power according to your need.  it is ideal for small or mid-sized lawns with instantly starting facility and comfortable ergonomic handle.

Source: ebay.comthe sun joe ion16lm 16 inch cordless lawn mower has 40v and includes a 4.0 ah ionmax rechargeable lithium-ion battery. it has a 40 minute running time and is noise-free. this tool can work with all ion tools and has ecosharp technology which means it uses less power and has high performance. this mower has no pull cords, gas, oils, extension cords or carbon emissions.

Black Decker MM2000 13 Amp Corded Mower 20-Inch

We rated the 13 amp black+decker best for a couple of major reasons, including the tough deck and weighing a relatively light at 53 pounds.  we compared this to ryobi, and it's a more durable choice for someone moving to a corded lawn mower.  although ryobi is in the same budget range, these are not the same outdoor tools.

Top Items In Lawn Mowers

Welcome to toptenreviews’ best electric lawn mowers guide. this guide has been constructed by our gardening tech experts to make it easier for you to not just discover the best electric lawn mowers on the market today in 2019, but also to help answer some of the most common questions and queries we receive about these time-saving turf masters.

Over the past six mowing seasons, we’ve totaled nearly 90 hours researching nearly 200 mowers, interviewing experts, and testing some of our top picks.an invaluable source has been roy berendsohn, a popular mechanics lawn mower guru with over 20 years testing and writing about mowers. if berendsohn isn’t writing about mowers, he’s often being interviewed about them (see here , here , and here ).

The voltage varies widely between entry-level and top-end cordless lawn mowers, usually from around 18 to over 80 volts. a higher voltage usually means more power, but also a higher price. depending on the size of your lawn and type of grass, you’ll usually be fine with:

Are you looking for reliable information on the best cordless lawn mowers of 2019? we have done firsthand, comparative testing on the top 9 models so that you can select the optimal machine for your needs and budget. here at techgearlab, we take our reviews seriously. as consumers ourselves, we understand that there are literally dozens of cordless lawn mowers to choose from and that the manufacturer's marketing claims are often inconsistent and confusing. to address this conundrum, we spend innumerable hours thoroughly researching the market, eventually purchasing the most promising models. we then subject these products to rigorous analysis and a battery of practical tests. without the data produced from our analyses it would be nearly impossible to make apples-to-apples comparisons between mower models. the following article is an account of the mowers by performance in our evaluation. it is our hope that this review will clarify the market for you and give you confidence in selecting your new cordless mower.

A: some lawnmowers come with extra equipment such as an extra battery or charging units that ensure it stays in top performance over time.

Selecting our top pick was a tough choice, which only goes to show the high quality of the models we recommended in this review. both the ego power+ 56-volt lithium-ion cordless lawn mower , editor’s choice, and the snapper xd max sxd19pwm82k , the best cordless self-propelled lawn mower, topped our list for their versatility, powerful motors, large deck size, three grass disposal options, and other efficient features like the rapid charger for quick charging and lengthy runtime. the combination of these functions generates the superior performance of gas lawn mowers while retaining the compactness and convenience of the best cordless battery lawn mowers.

Buying guide for top cordless lawn mowers


Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower for Large Lawns


If you have an extremely large area of lawn to maintain, having a riding mower is essential. if you also like the convenience and simple maintenance of a battery operated mower, you’re going to love the ryobi 38″ electric rear engine riding mower. while there are still not a lot of options for battery riding mowers, ryobi has a winner on it’s hands with the ry48111. this model looks like a hybrid of a riding mower and dune buggy. don’t let the looks fool you as this mower can handle seriously tough lawns..hills and all.

We believe in making chores as easy as possible, so we strongly recommend cordless, electric lawnmowers for most garden owners.our current top pick for small urban lawns is the new budget-priced cobra mx3440v, hotly followed by the greenworks gd60lm46sp, a mean green 60v machine that sports self propulsion and a wide 46cm metal cutting deck for tackling larger lawns. the new admittedly pricy gtech 2.0, meanwhile, waltzes straight in at number three with a bullet.

Weight: 69 lbs.height range: 1.2 to 3 in.battery: 36v, 10 ah lead acidwe like the keyless feature and the placement of the voltage gauge on the handle where you can see it easily. the large rear wheels help smooth out the ride on bumpy lawns. and the handle can be set to one of three heights and two lengths, allowing you to fine-tune the mower to your size. folding the handle on this lawn mower is a little harder than it is with some of the other mowers. the maximum cutting height is 3 in., so if you like your grass even longer, you’ll have to check out other mowers. this is the least expensive 19-in. model.


Cordless Lawn Mower Lineup


Model:  glm801601 80v 21-inch cordless lawn mower

If you are like myself, then in the past you may have considered cordless electric lawn mowers as a bit of a fad, and not worthy of your attention.the first generations of cordless lawn mowers were indeed a poor choice when compared to a gas mower, poor battery performance and low power motors meant that purchasing one of these mowers was a waste of money.

With so many different cordless lawn mowers on the market right now, how do you pick the right one? well, that’s exactly what we’re going to answer for you today. below, we are going to discuss the features and/or factors that you should be looking at when comparing cordless lawn mowers.

Not all homeowners believe in the reliability of cordless lawn mowers. this is in part due to how the first models performed-running on low-capacity batteries and weak power motors. however, constant advancements in battery and electric technology have surely turned heads. now, people understand how cordless lawn mowers can be beneficial to them. listed below are several reasons for acquiring a cordless type over a gas-powered mower and a corded type.

Another option for a powerful and reliable cordless lawnmower could be this model from snapper. it is designed to deal with even any tougher mowing jobs you need to take care of and will take much of the trouble out of dealing with unkempt lawns.it has a 19” cutting deck, allowing you to mow broad swathes of lawn with every pass, and it comes with two 82v lithium-ion batteries. each one gives you up to 45 minutes of cutting time, so with two, you can mow for up to an hour and a half, plenty for most gardens.

Longer is better (obviously). check the fine print for conditions attached to the warranty, e.g. would you have to return the mower to a distant service location if it broke down? would the maker repair or replace it?one of the big advantages a cordless mower has over a traditional gas model is the lack of maintenance. almost all the maintenance requirements of a gas lawn mower are related to the engine.

Ego 21″ 56-volt lithium-ion cordless self propelled lawn mowerthis self-propelled mower features a 21-inch steel cutting deck. this model does not include a battery, but it is compatible with all ego power+ arc lithium batteries.key features: