Carpe Diem

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Jim Carrey is back! The guy who recently proved to the world that he is not only a great comedian and a jester, but also a brilliant actor, now again entertains to tears. His hero, Carl Allen, is the result of "Almighty" and "Ventura", with the predominance of the former.

A few years ago Carla dumped the girl.

The boy broke down so that he avoids his friends like fire, and his best friends became TV and DVD rental. He leads a very boring life - work, home, work, home. Trying to avoid meeting friends. While working at the bank, he refuses to grant loans. In private life, he repeats no and no, over and over again Or maybe that? NO! One day he meets an old friend who, to Allen's despair, cannot be quickly floated away. She tells him about how interesting life she leads, because she always answers YES! Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 Then he throws a stone at the bank window and runs away happy - all in larks. Even before running away, he gives Carl a showcase of the organization that taught him such a crazy lifestyle. Somehow, Carl puts it in his pocket instead of throwing it away. After returning home, he dreams of a terrible dream, in which he looks like he was murdered by a girl from the "Circle" - Hello old Jim! Carl goes to meet a mysterious organization whose business card he received from an old, forgotten friend.

At this point, driving without the handlebars, steering wheel and seat begins. From now on, Carl answers YES to every question! And not only to the questions, but also to leaflets or advertisements encouraging to various nonsense.

You never know what might be useful in life. Everyone can find something for themselves in this comedy. There is also humor straight from the "American Pie", black, peppery, absurd, situational humor and all other moods, toadstools and boletuses.

In the film we will also find a beautiful, somewhat eccentric young lady, which fans of romantic comedies would not complain about - yes, there is a love thread. But above all Jim Carrey with his brilliant facial expressions.

Already after him you can see that he has aged a lot, but the guy is constantly laughing, fooling around and experiencing amazing adventures. Fun is guaranteed throughout the film. At the end, we also have a message that should go to all boring people who spend New Year's Eve on the Internet and are happy that they can surf faster, because at this time fewer people sit in front of the computer. You have to grasp every opportunity, and then life will not be so trivial, and certainly not boring ..