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The man personifies the king of the world, your animals and plants, the last most perfect degree of evolution is essentially superficial, cruel creature, assessing the surrounding space by hackneyed prejudices.

 How many times it happens to all of us to refer disparagingly to the person paralyzed, leading vegetative life, subconsciously linking the physical defect with the psychological and emotional frailty. We approach such a person knowingly or even worse - pity, unable to give her what he needs most - the existence of acceptance in society. Poignant testimony to survive internal physically paralyzed man, cruelly named by one of his friends, "vegetable", we find in the film by Julian Schnabel, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." Dry, devoid of banal sentimentality, the relationship with the interior of the inert body of Jean-Dominque'a Bauby'ego comes to us with another wink, heavy breath and uttered think the hero narrative.

This original way of film expression has been achieved thanks to the excellent cooperation creators of this work, especially cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and director, which is a versatile creator Julian Schnabel.

 So also we perceive the film as a work of the artist, pristine manners authors film dramas.

It does not give us those emotions, but are tired of us laboriously repeated, realistically ukazywanymi rehabilitation activities, more fun than desperately komentowanymi. We are often surprised by situations in which Jean-Dominque same time suffers and laughs. Even with this beautiful Rehabilitation therapist who, wanting to teach him to run the camera reflux, unknowingly carries sensory language gestures, arousing the same longing for closeness women.

It amuses him, shocking him taking care of a nurse joke about deaf fitters phone. Through such behavior, we see the hero mentally strong man himself becoming more people affected by his disability from himself.

 This narrative brings us into a state of torpor, the output from which we look at the world differently, częstujący indicated by the fate of every human life's upheavals. How many missing, to enjoying life, combative, with great plans for the future, man has become attached to a mechanical apparatus musculo-electronic hybrid, called for by its "close" vegetable. Excellent performances, which have not yet mentioned, equally as directed, photos and music affect the strong pronunciation of the film. I'm not talking here only about the main role, Mathieu Amalric, who got his chance of a lifetime, but also for people caring for Jean-Dominique forming a not so glamorous, but freely wonderful creations. Marie-Josée Croze and Olatz Lopez Garmendia in supporting roles rehabilitantek so enchanted me with its naturalness that I thought it appropriate to mention them. "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is terribly poignant film and a tapping. Cries on the cleansing tears. Obtained while the internal ballast, which reduced the land of beautiful dreams Preaching and reflective look at the fragile human nature. Abstaining director of excessive emotions to shock makes ourselves internally, we must live the drama of a hero. It is difficult, but very enriching ....