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Which are the most likely escort operating names? And which are the least most likely?

To attempt to answer these inquiries, I started with a Google research. Escort Design has previously blogged about leading escort operating names, dependent on the most widespread versions of names for websites they host. However, other search outcomes are different blogs and board posts that are mainly anecdotal and opinion.

I believed it might be fascinating to deliver some new knowledge and evaluation to reply these questions. Let’s get into it.

Escorts on Twitter

I utilised my Twitter followers as my main info source. This publish exhibits how you can extract your Twitter followers (and also individuals you are subsequent) into a Google spreadsheet. It is a number of actions and a tiny technological, but if you stick to the guidelines, you can do it way too.

I had 3,268 followers as of February 8, 2015. Now, not all of my followers are escorts. There are others in sex operate: porn stars, strippers, cam performers, sugar toddlers, brothel personnel, escort businesses, and advert sites. There are sexual intercourse personnel who have retired, and individuals who are pondering about starting up. There are several sexual intercourse function clientele.

There are journalists, writers, academics, politicians, and other individuals with an fascination in knowing a lot more about the dynamics of consensual grownup sex for funds. A lot of of them, like me, say we should decriminalize this work in the much more spiritual and repressive nations of the entire world that make it a criminal offense – this sort of as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and the United States.

And there are every day folks who are merely interested in the amusing and insightful observations that escorts tweet about their perform and their customers.

Pondering about biases, I’m likely to presume that my followers who are escorts are pretty representative of all escorts on Twitter. A huge quantity of lively self-discovered unbiased escorts with Twitter accounts do seem to follow my account.

Offered a increased need for independent branding and a assist local community, I consider that escorts on Twitter are more likely to be unbiased, relatively than working for an agency or manager. I want to avoid phrases like “high end”, but it looks risk-free to assume that they charge a relatively increased than average value per hour than the common advertiser on Backpage.

In contrast with regional advertising and marketing and evaluation boards, Twitter is truly world-wide. But provided I tweet in English, the vast majority of my followers are English-talking, and are predominantly in English-talking nations around the world. These are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, plus northern European countries the place English is spoken extensively, this sort of as the Netherlands.
Escort names on Twitter

Unlike Fb, Twitter doesn’t enforce any specifications for how a name should be structured. It can be virtually something you like. So to get the most very likely initial name, I took the initial phrase in the identify. When this was a prefix or title – e.g. “The”, “Miss”, “Escort”, “Mistress”, “Lady”, “Ms.”, and so on., I took the second term. I also then transformed every little thing to a constant case, so that “Amy”, “amy”, and “AMY” would be the same.

This gave two,417 exclusive first names – only 371 of which appear much more than when. Twitter consumers are certainly innovative with their names! To independent out escorts from my followers, I experienced to assign every single distinctive title a gender: feminine, male, neutral, or unfamiliar. Neutral is for non-gendered accounts, e.g. “Escort Company New York”. Unidentified is for accounts that cannot effortlessly be categorized into male or female.

Thankfully has a large info set of names on social media, and allows you to look up the likelihood of any offered title currently being woman or male. Based mostly on this, I experienced one,164 female, 883 male, 73 non-gendered, and one,one hundred forty five unknown followers.

For the relaxation of this investigation, I’m heading to suppose that all and only female names are escorts. This is of training course not true a minority of my male followers are male escorts, and many of my woman followers are not escorts. But this shouldn’t bias the general evaluation also a lot.
Most common escort very first names

Under is a table of the most typical woman names. I have proven only individuals names that show up at minimum 6 instances.
Jessica 13
Sarah eleven
Nikki nine
Ashley 8
Victoria 8
Olivia seven
Jennifer six
Amy 6
Katie 6
Charlotte 6
Eva 6
Chloe 6
Taylor six
Jasmine six
Lola six
Violet six
Tiffany six

When you appear down the record, most of the names are acquainted as well-liked women’s names in English-speaking nations. They’re somewhat more feminine and sexy than typical, which is what you would anticipate. But truly, what we want is very likely relatively than typical names.
Very likely vs. common escort names

What is the distinction? Effectively, Jessica is the most typical feminine 1st identify among my followers. But it’s also a typical 1st title amongst all ladies. So the real issue is – is Jessica a much more or significantly less likely escort title than you would count on?

Consider Brielle, for illustration. There aren’t all that many Brielles out there, but it turns out that a especially large proportion of them are escorts. As a end result, Brielle ranks high on likeliness amongst escorts. Brielle isn’t the most frequent name among escorts — that is nonetheless Jessica. What’s intriguing is that Brielle is way more widespread amid escorts than you may assume, offered how unusual it is.

The good news is also supplies the whole number of names in its massive info set for every identify. From evaluating this with my followers, I calculated a “likeliness” rating. This rating is how much far more very likely the identify is than common. So for example, a likeliness of 2 implies the title is two times as most likely as you would count on. Far more than 1 implies much more likely than typical, and significantly less than one signifies considerably less most likely than regular. You get it.
Most probably escort initial names

So, below is the checklist of very first names that are most very likely to be an escort functioning name. For this, I’ve only incorporated names that appear at the very least three instances.
Brielle 3 223
London 4 149
Scarlet 3 ninety two
Gia three 89
Belle 4 seventy four
Roxy 5 fifty nine
Lacy three 52
Elle 5 fifty
Layla 3 forty one
Eden 3 thirty
Angelina 4 27
Sasha five 23
Alana four 23
Savannah three 22
Lana 4 21
Lacey 3 twenty
Bailey 3 20
Princess 3 17
Krystal 3 sixteen
Roxanne three fifteen
Carly four eleven

Not remarkably, these names search a good deal much more strange and alluring than the checklist of most common names. It seems we may be on to some thing.

It’s also interesting to assess this with names that have the optimum inclination to be adult movie star names. According to Nametrix, these are Kandi, Sindy, Rikki, Diamond, Honey, Roxy, Capri, Barbi, Stormy, and Aspen. Plainly there is some overlap, but the escort names seem to be much more feminine and refined. I suppose that porn stars literally require to be more “in your face”.
Minimum probably escort initial names

As opposed to with the listing of common names, we can also reverse the record to uncover the checklist of typical but least likely initial names. That seems to be like this.
Maria 3 .one
Laura 4 .2

Mary three .two
Melissa 3 .2
Michelle 3 .3
Amanda three .three
Sandra 3 .three
Jennifer 6 .three
Anna four .four
Jamie three .4
Caroline 3 .4
Catherine three .4
Rachel 4 .4
Lisa 4 .five
Megan 3 .5

So, if you are hunting for a operating name that does not scream “escort”, this record may be a good place to start.

Now that we have these likeliness scores, how does Escort Design’s leading ten record stack up?
Alexandra one four .seven
Jessica two thirteen .eight
Bella three five 6
Nicole 4 two .2
Honey 5 one twenty
Katie six six .8
Jennifer 7 6 .3
Angelina 8 four 27
Monica nine unidentified
Candy ten one three.9

It is a combined bag. Some name – Bella, Honey, Angelina, and Sweet – are evidently a lot much more likely. But other individuals – Nicole and Jennifer – are much considerably less probably. And ΣΥΝΟΔΟΙ VIP , Jessica, and Katie are marginally much less very likely than average.
Most common escort previous names

So what about final names? Unlike company escorts, most unbiased escorts have equally a 1st and a final operating identify as portion of their brand name. Can we discover anything at all exciting there too?

Last names are a minor more difficult to extract from Twitter, considering that we need to have to offer with attainable middle title(s), initials, and suffixes (e.g. “VIP”). Also, final names tend to be much more unique than first names, so they are difficult to discover as becoming previous names vs. something else. So, I simply took the subsequent title right after the very first identify – i.e. possibly the second title (if no prefix like “The”, “Miss”, “Escort”, and so forth.) or the third identify (if there was a prefix).

Here’s the list of most frequent previous names for my woman followers.

ΣΥΝΟΔΟΙ VIP of these are of training course typical previous names. But many other individuals – Rose, Enjoy, Fox, Marie, Lane, London, Monroe, Sinclair, Could, Financial institutions, Grace, and Sweet – do not appear to be as common in common use.
Most very likely escort last names

So can we do some thing comparable on likeliness for very last title also? Presented how numerous feasible previous names there are, we almost certainly need to have to focus on the most common listing of last names. Thankfully, Wikipedia presents us some good statistics for the best a hundred very last names in the US.

So, right here is the list of prime a hundred previous names that are most likely to be an escort operating name.

James eighty 5 12.4
Lee 22 seven
Scott 36 four five.5
Taylor 13 6 4.8
Cox 72 2 four.6
Bell sixty seven two four.4
Adams 39 3 four.two
Moore sixteen 4 three.3
Carter 46 two three.2

This seems to match my feeling of names that are common among escorts. Once again, it looks like this might be doing work.
Minimum probably escort previous names

Similar for 1st names, with the likeliness score, we can reverse the checklist. How does that appear?

As it turns out, what is most exciting is that for 7 of the best 20 rated very last names in the US, I have no feminine followers with that previous identify.

Brown four
Miller 6
Wilson 10
Martinez eleven
Jackson eighteen
Thompson 19
White twenty

When I look at this and also the most probably very last names, my guess is that there is a relatively brief list of very last names that escorts frequently select. So, if you are seeking for a far more special escort title, probably, department out to a more abnormal very last identify? It will support your branding and searchability as well.

An apart: when you search at last names that are colors: I have no feminine followers with the names Brown, White, or Inexperienced. But there are 3 named Black and 2 named Gray. Maybe foreshadowing fifty Shades of Grey?
Summary and conclusion

In accordance to this evaluation, the name “Brielle Rose” is the most likely to be an escort doing work title.

And the the very least likely is “Maria Brown”.

A issue for the potential is: how may possibly these modify in excess of time? Most first names go in and out of trend over many years and generations. So need to we anticipate escort names to go in and out of trend also? My guess is that’s most likely correct.

And, more meta – will the names that long term escorts decide be different if they read through this submit 1st? If escorts are hunting for far more unique names, should we assume likely names to revert in direction of the mean?

But which is for an additional analysis and one more working day. Thank ΣΥΝΟΔΟΙ for studying!

Update: I’ve composed a stick to-up submit on the most and least probably escort customer names. Read it listed here.

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