Intellectualism About Jesus Truth for All Series 2

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Was Jesus Christ really here?
Let us start by agreeing that anytime I use the word Christ, I truly mean the Savior or Emmanuel as many people will prefer the reference. Therefore, I am talking about who I believe to be our savior by His offer of the grace of salvation. It is not necessary to get bogged down with whether he is savior of the Jews, everyone, Arabs or white men alone. It is enough for my present purposes to call Him the Savior.
I present to you - that Messiah!
Jesus read out Isaiah chapter 9 in the Synagogue, and then boldly ended the reading with an acknowledgement that He, Jesus was in fact the messiah being talked about in the passage that they just listened to. Anytime that I meditate on this passage and try to put myself in this picture, I cannot but understand why people will become irritated at such impudence with a determination to challenge his right to arrogate to himself a prophecy whose fulfillment intellectually respected Jews were looking forward to. Therefore, the shock and reaction of the people can be understood.
However, we must not forget another historical reference to the fact that this young man was always called to the conference of seasoned rabbis anytime his family made it to Jerusalem from Galilee. He must have made such significant contributions about the time he was 12 years old, because if it was just a matter of the parents annoyed at being delayed, that should not have lasted the test of time in the scriptures. God must have ensured that this apparently innocuous record carried its meaning for us as we seek to understand the trend of events. In other words, the signs have been there all along and Jesus was probably trying to signify to mankind to end the search and get into the business of salvation, or freedom as Israel understood her issues at the time. This is more so as we have little guidance as what happened in the interim before this declaration and especially after the 1 2 years of Jesus' age incident.
Even John the Baptist, his relative, a great prophet in his own right also doubted that Jesus may have been The Christ. He sent his own disciples to go and confirm from Jesus if Jesus was The Christ (Matthew 11:2-3). We may also remember the appeal of Nicodemus in the Council to leave Jesus alone on the grounds that if His claims were not genuine, His ministry will frizzle away just like the records show of many others before Jesus (John 7:50-51). So, there were indications significant enough to suggest, if not confirm to keen watchers that the Jesus had messianic properties, but since Jesus did not fit the prototype of the crown prince, it was easy to dismiss these signs.