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" Unlike Viagra that addresses a physical problem experienced by men during arousal, female sexual dysfunction can affect the brain and affect a sexual life at all. There are many symptoms associated with female sexual dysfunction which can include: Low sexual desire Although it is rare, patients experience a decrease in sexual desire when compared to when they would like to be. It is considered a success when a patient has a high sexual desire and they keep getting aroused.

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It is not a success when the patient has a low sexual desire and they keep getting aroused. is carefully controlled and if there is a hormonal disturbance, it is usually because the patient is taking other medications. For example, when the patient is taking a libido boosting medication such as Ospemifene it is often to increase the release of chemicals that cause relaxation of the tissues of the penis and its environment. Another reason that patients use other sexual dysfunction drugs when they would like to be is to feel more pleasure and increase their pleasure, it is often because the substances are helpful in increasing it. For example, when the patient is taking a libido boosting drug such as Sorbitrate it is often to raise the blood flow in the body to the penis and make it more sensitive. It is well known that these medications are for men only, and are not to be taken by women or children for obvious reasons. However, it is noticed that not only men suffer in the bedroom as they age. Women also are struck by a lower sex drive. It is also called (FSD), which stands for female sexual dysfunction.

Would you love to be a Million Man Orgasm Gap Suffer Just As Much As Your Man Does, And Maybe Even More

What women don't realize is that they are suffering from low Libido. Libido simply means losing sex drive rather it be from psychological, biological, or social factors. Many people have questioned if this is just a way for pharmaceutical companies to weasel in and make billions of dollars after convincing women this is a medical condition. It is common for women to give birth and afterwards having a decrease in sexual drive, only for it to increase after things settle down within their bodies and adjust to their new norm. Since this has all been recent, there has been medications that were tried and failed.

Viagra, testosterone patch, and Flibanserin, were all in trial but came with error. Flibanserin was rejected in 2010 and 2013, but since has been approved in 2015, which was recommended by the US medicines regulator's expert panel. It was formulated in the US and is not yet available in Australia. As we are aware, Australia even gained strict laws with Viagra for men. Men are unable to legally purchase unless the obtain a prescription and have an assessment with their doctor. Even then it is advised to gain your prescription through a trusted, certified pharmacy. In Australia you are unable to purchase Viagra at shops, unlike you can in the United States. there are many website pharmacies claiming you don't have to have a prescription for such medications. This has resulted in counterfeit medications that have wrong dosages and adverse effects, even some life threatening results.

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In Australia it is against law to advertise drugs directly to consumers. Instead these pharmaceutical companies spend their budget towards raising awareness of such conditions and how these medications are designed to treat them. These companies are allowed to target doctors and with advertisement promising a cure to these conditions. Addyi, known as the little