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My little pal (21) called me in a panic; he discovered a mass underneath the skin of his neck and it is terrified its a cancer. He was laid-off three months before and doesn't always have health care insurance. Is there anywhere in Riverside California that can examine for him in this for low or free cost - only if to place his head comfortable? I don't know what to inform him:-(
Im 19 absolutely need affordable medical insurance. Neither for my parents can afford to put me on the insurance. Likewise i have afew preexisting medical conditions which makes it harder for me personally to find insurance.
" "My partner has basic health he first got it by someone sponsering him through his medical care provider.My concern is He is 47 and it has alot of health issues severe asthma diabetes he takes many medications.He was just while in the clinic for disease in his lungs for 4 days.He got a page from standard Health asking him for a 2009 incometax statement.My man has not done tax to get a number of years since he does not make enough.I am the bread-winner inside the family.He makes probably 2 to 300 monthly because of his health problems.Is there anyway Without sending in a duty form.If they can retain his essential medical insurance